Build To Suit

    Build To Suit Warehouse Facilities: The Hollingsworth Companies offers superior locations and superior facilities tailored to your business’ or clients’ specific needs. With interstate convenience, private park locations in Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia, we offer proven business locations. Our typical Build-to-Suit solutions range from 50,000 to 500,000 square feet and are always designed with substantial expandability in mind. Using one of our pad ready sites we can have a custom built facility ready in as little as 120 days. At any of our Southern Advantage locations customized Build-to-Suits can be ready in 6 months.Our staff has over 50 years of combined experience in construction,industrial building design, and development. With a diverse base of experience, The Hollingsworth Companies are one of the most experienced warehouse builders in the USA and are able to provide value-added services from the earliest stages of any project. Our role as Owner/Developer/Contractor/Architect affords a unique advantage with expertise that can translate into cost savings and increased efficiencies in both the short and long term.Our time tested construction approach utilizes a pre-engineered NUCOR building system with long term durability, as well as flexibility, for our clients’ present and future needs. We offer a variety of clear heights, bay spacing, and finish out services for equipment, offices, and support facilities. We have negotiated the shortest delivery time in the industry for our standard sizes of buildings 86,400, 108,000, and 129,600 square feet. When we utilize our time-tested specifications on these standard sizes, we are guaranteed delivery of steel on site just six weeks from the day it is ordered.

    Financial options include lease, lease with a purchase option, or an outright sale, all of which can be customized to your particular business’ or clients’ needs. Our leases can be designed to be fixed rate throughout, or can be customized with an annual rate increase to allow a lower initial rate. Through the development of privately-owned parks, and our Southern Advantage community partnerships, we have established strong relationships with the local, as well as the state economic development agencies. We have completed extensive research to determine that these locations offer advantages not found in other places. We have worked hard to find what we believe to be the right mix of benefits that can satisfy any company.

    The Hollingsworth Companies profiled over 80 different communities in the Southeast in search of ideal locations best able to meet an extensive list of criteria before selecting the locations for SouthPoint Business Parks and Southern Advantage Communities. Readily available local labor in right-to-work states is a key factor in our business development formula. This is especially true for those companies that need to escape the higher costs of doing business elsewhere.

    When you need a place to grow your business… Hollingsworth Makes It Happen!