Build To Suit

    Build to Suit Facilities: With 18 million square feet of manufacturing and logistics space and 35 years of exclusively industrial experience we offer Class A industrial facilities tailored to your specific needs. You have the option to build on your own land or on one of our pad ready sites in a SouthPoint Business park. All SouthPoint Business Park locations are interstate convenient, private parks, strategically located in Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Build to Suit facilities range from 100,000 to 500,000 square feet and are always designed with future expansion in mind. Using one of our “pad ready” sites we can have a custom built facility ready in as little as 150 calendar days. In most of the Southeastern states with semi rural locations, customized Build to Suits can be ready in 6 months on a pre-graded site.

    Our staff has over 100 years of combined experience in the design, construction, and development of industrial facilities. With a diverse base of construction, development, architecture, and site selection professionals on staff, The Hollingsworth Companies are the largest industrial builder for semi rural locations in the Southeast. This expertise allows us to provide you value added services from the earliest date of the project that will translate into cost savings and increase efficiencies in both the startup and your long term operation.

    Our time tested construction approach developed in the construction of over 80 projects, utilizes a pre-engineered A&S Building Systems facility with long term durability and flexible operations for your present and future needs. Our predesigned buildings can be delivered in just 6 weeks, a significant advantage to the 14-18 week standard delivery in the industry. This accelerated delivery time translates to a faster delivery of the overall project to you. Predesigned, quick delivery building footprints sizes include 108,960SF; 130,560SF; 152,160SF; 202,720 SF; and 253,120SF.

    We offer a variety of clear heights, bay spacing, and finish out services for critical equipment placement, custom office design, and support facilities. Our minimum standard design includes 32’ clear height, 60 x 60 column spacing, efficient LED lighting, and ESFR fire suppression system. The number or Dock Doors, Floor High Doors, Oversize Custom Access Doors can also be adjusted based on specific customer requirements.

    We also offer a full line of Financial options in our Build to Suit program. These include lease, lease with a purchase option, or an immediate sale. All of these options can be customized to support your transition and startup cash flow needs. Leases can be fixed rate throughout or adjust on an annual basis to allow a lower initial lease rate.

    Though the development of our privately-owned parks, and our Southern Advantage partnerships, we have established strong relationships with local and state economic development agencies. We have also developed an exclusive relationship with Development Advisors allowing you the option to have a team negotiate economic development incentives at 30% above the industry average. All of these additional incentives will translate to a bottom line cost advantage for your new facility.

    The Hollingsworth Companies profiled over 72 different communities in the Southeast in search of ideal locations to meet an extensive list of criteria before selecting the locations for SouthPoint Business Parks and thus providing you the best in readily available labor, probusiness regulations, in right to work states.

    When you need a place to grow your business… Hollingsworth Makes It Happen!

    Give The Hollingsworth Companies a call today at 865-457-3601 to learn more about how we can work together on your next building.