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Amherst, VA – Bucking Common Wisdom

“Our lowest freight costs nationwide are in Amherst, Virginia.”

We didn’t expect to hear that on our recent visit to Glad Manufacturing. However, unexpected bonuses are becoming the norm in this community nestled in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Located near Lynchburg and Charlottesville at a hub of American conveying and material handling expertise, with over 45,000 university students and exceptional workforce development programs, the region rivals any for advanced manufacturing and modern logistics resources. Bucking common wisdom, Amherst’s location at a four lane divided highway puts it at the hub of a transportation network leading to several interstates, rather than being along just one.

Amherst and The Hollingsworth Companies have partnered to provide new industrial facilities at the Brockman Business and Industrial Park. Pre-permitting and an execution plan assure that industrial buildings can be ready in as little as six months, with flexible financial terms to lease or purchase. A prototypical building will feature wide column spacing, clear heights of over 30 feet, laser leveled high strength industrial floors, and energy efficient lighting systems.

Communities like Amherst are the reason that household names like J. Crew and Glad Manufacturing call the region home. And, we have a sneaking feeling that they have discovered a lot more than lower freight costs.

Meigs County, TN – Packed with Amenities

The welcome mat is out in Meigs County. Four pad ready sites have been prepared to immediately accommodate new industries. Meigs County is the smallest county in Southeast Tennessee, but it is packed with amenities like lakefront sites on Watts Bar Lake and the Hiwassee River, creating an exceptional quality of life. Meigs County has a desirable rural feel but is strategically located between Chattanooga and Knoxville just off I-75.

Community leaders are interested in creating more jobs and economic growth to enhance Tennessee’s growing automotive industry. The partnership between Meigs County-Decatur Industrial Development Board and the Hollingsworth Companies under its Southern Advantage program has moved Meigs County and the City of Decatur to the forefront of industrial recruitment. A 108,000sf pad ready site has already been designed by the Hollingsworth Companies which reduces the construction time to 120 days and the building may leased or purchased. The project was funded through grant money awarded to Meigs County by the Appalachian Regional Commission to foster job creation and economic and community development.

If your business is ready to grow, remember The Hollingsworth Companies do not just build buildings…we build businesses. Come to Meigs County and let us show you what we can do together.

Twiggs County – Ready to Grow in the Center of Georgia

Academy Sports & Outdoors, Twiggs County’s first major new industry located in the I-16 Industrial Park created over 400 jobs and they are now a major partner in economic development within the community. Being centrally located in Georgia an equal distance from Hartsfield Jackson International Airport in Atlanta and the ports of Savannah, and located on interstate highway I-16, Twiggs County is perfectly positioned for distribution of items large and small across the region and across the world. Both Norfolk Southern and CSX railroads serve Twiggs County for even greater options to move product to customers.

Given these strong assets, it is the ideal location for distribution centers, military suppliers and companies utilizing trucks, rail or transoceanic shipping to transport goods. Twiggs County’s partnership with The Hollingsworth Companies is a match made to capture opportunities and jobs with the ability to deliver an industrial building that features wide column spacing, clear heights of 32 feet or more, laser leveled high strength industrial flooring to serve modern logistics and manufacturing operations all in less than 6 months with a proven developer.

Community partners include the Development Authority of Jeffersonville and Twiggs County, I-16 Corridor Alliance, and the Georgia Economic Development Association who are willing to go the extra mile make Twiggs County a great place for you to do business.


In Cookeville, TN on June 9, 2015, a large crowd gathered to celebrate breaking ground on the new consolidated and expanded US manufacturing facility of 264,000 SF for Ficosa North America.

The City of Cookeville, Putnam County, Ficosa and The Hollingsworth Companies worked together for two years to develop the new, state of the art advanced manufacturing facility that will manufacture and assemble new high technology side-view mirrors and blinker assemblies for multiple automotive OEMs. This “Southern Advantage” success story can be traced back to the relationship between The Hollingsworth Companies, Putnam County and the City of Cookeville’s cooperation in being totally prepared to meet the needs of Ficosa. Ficosa evaluated a number of potential locations in multiple states, but all the efforts to have: land, infrastructure, a team of community leaders, coupled with a versatile Industrial Developer ready to make things happen paid off. The ironic part is that a project taking two years to close, would not have landed in Cookeville had it not been ready when the process started. Even though it might have been possible to assemble the land and infrastructure during that period, the discussion would have never started if the pre-requisites were not already accomplished. Promises to get it done quickly are too risky for companies like Ficosa to commit to such an important investment. Success comes to those who are best prepared (land infrastructure, committed community leaders and a versatile experienced developer), and work hard every day to make it happen. That is exactly why the Ficosa, Cookeville, Putnam Co. project will be a Tennessee model for success for years to come.

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