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Field of Dreams for Industrial

“If you build it, they will come” is the famous line from the movie Field of Dreams. That is a risky slogan to live by. But, it is in fact the business model for The Hollingsworth Companies Industrial Building Program. In the last few decades, it has gotten increasingly more difficult to get buildings built. Not that steel or concrete have changed in any significant way over that time, but the regulatory environment we live in has changed the time to get a permit change from a couple of weeks into several months. In the last few years, supply chain issues have made it even more difficult and uncertain to locate materials and get them delivered to the project in a timely manner. Construction is not for the faint of heart these days. That is why, more than ever before, companies are choosing existing buildings to meet their growth needs. Not many companies can afford to wait over a year or two to start up a new business unit or expand their operation.

That is where The Hollingsworth Companies comes in. We are building speculative buildings currently in Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. As we near completion on these buildings, multiple users are lining up to lease the facilities. In spite of the fact that lease rates have risen an average of 14% in the last two years, high demand, low inventory, even higher replacement costs combine to create an urgency in the market that continue to drive development and market absorption.

However, this is not a business that is easy or quick to enter. We acquired hundreds of acres of industrial land, implemented the proper zoning and protective covenants, extended infrastructure suitable for industrial users, and built one speculative building after another. We are getting ready to celebrate our 25-year anniversary of our partnerships with Prince George County Virginia and Mocksville, North Carolina. In those two communities, we have developed 28 projects totaling over 4,000,000 square feet. We are now seeking the locations for our next generation of privately owned industrial parks, because we are building on the last available lots in our first-generation parks.

There are many unprecedented and unexpected turns and twists in the current economic and political climates, but we still press through to bring valuable assets to growing businesses across the Southeastern United States, a field of dreams for industrial.

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