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The Hollingsworth Companies complete SCM expansion in Prince George, VA

Service Center Metals chose The Hollingsworth Companies for a state-of-the-art facility expansion in the SouthPoint Business Park

Prince George, VA – August 10, 2016 – The Hollingsworth Companies designed and constructed the 190,462 square foot aluminum remelt facility expansion at Service Center Metals located in SouthPoint Business Park, Prince George, VA. In combination with this expansion, SCM will invest in additional equipment and expand their current workforce. “This is a strategic move that will expand key operations and enable further growth,” SCM’s Chief Executive Scott Kelley said. “Hollingsworth’s capability to design, develop, and fund the facilities have been the foundation of a successful partnership between SCM, Prince George County, and The Hollingsworth Companies.”

Prince George County Chairman William Robertson stated, “Prince George County is excited about the continuous growth of Service Center Metals (SCM) in our community.  With the assistance from our partners at The Hollingsworth Companies, this is the second major expansion by SCM in three years.  Hiring has already begun for the 35 new jobs required at this facility which will soon be fully operational.”

This has been our fourth project with SCM in Prince George County” said Tom Wortham, Senior Vice President of Architecture and Business Development at The Hollingsworth Companies. “Each time SCM has introduced new, game changing technology and continues to build on their past successes. It is exciting to work with them to develop cutting-edge factories that make them the most efficient aluminum extrusion company in the world. It causes us to raise the bar in everything we do to keep up with such an industry leader. Even though we were dealing with a new process that wasn’t completely designed when we started the construction project, we still delivered the project on budget and ahead of schedule.

About The Hollingsworth Companies The Hollingsworth Companies, with facilities located in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia, are the largest semi-rural Industrial Real Estate development firm in the southeastern United States. For more information about The Hollingsworth Companies, contact, Tom Wortham, Senior Vice President of Architecture and Development, at 865.457.3701.


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